Mood Disorders

In the US today, feelings of sadness and worry affect nearly 1 in 5 persons in the US every day, yet is still not well understood. How do we know if our uncomfortable emotions are healthy, or if what we are experiencing would benefit from talking through with an experienced counselor?

Some helpful questions we can ask of ourselves, or pose to our closest advocates are:

  • Do I feel equipped to cope or deal with these emotions?
  • Are my feelings helping me make positive or negative choices in my life?
  • Am I feeling paralyzed by uncontrollable worry or fear?
  • Do my feelings seem to last longer or be more intense than one might typically expect?
  • Are my feelings keeping me from interacting with others in ways that leave me feeling connected and loved?
  • Are my feelings holding me back from living a full life at work, at home, or in my peer relationships?

Confusion on how to move through intense or scary emotions comes from many places, including our childhood or difficult life changes as adults. Emotions can become unmanageable due to traumatic experiences, lack of appropriate role models, the way we think about the world around us, our genetics, or more likely, how all these factors (and others) interact over time.

Whatever the origin, our experienced clinicians provide a safe space where you work together to find solutions for unwanted thoughts and behaviors, and acceptance for people and things you cannot control.

We help you explore past patterns of relating to self and others, and together, develop a plan for making healthier choices into your future.